We are DTBA.

We aren’t reinventing fitness—we’re redefining it.

Dare to Be Active, founded by physical therapist Dr. LA Thoma Gustin is a fitness + rehab workout program whose mission is to make fitness enjoyable & accessible for all.

Through guided sequences with a dedication to proper form, our method is designed to help you find your inner strength through intentional movement, without injury.

Our Vision.

Why We Do What We Do:

We’re a collective of physical therapists who aim to make an encouraging fitness community for everyone—at any fitness level. Taught by our team of fitness instructors, we believe fitness should be fun, effective & inclusive, regardless of level or experience.

With little-to-no equipment required, we focus on guided movements to help you make empowered workout decisions, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Our Method.

Our Method.

Find Joy in Movement.

We believe getting and staying active can be part of everyone’s fitness journey.

With a variety of trainers & classes to suit your needs, you’ll find movement you love with the results (and consistency) you desire.

Workouts that work.

Our team of highly trained physical therapists teach dynamic science-backed & evidence-based workouts to maximize results, encourage proper form and prevent injury.

Be a trusted source.

We take our science-backed knowledge and make it accessible—and digestible.

With over a decade of fitness + rehab education, we’re dedicated to guiding you at every step of the way—through proper form, cues and tips to make each movement safe & effective.

Accesible workouts for all.

Our goal is to make fitness accessible to everyone.

With a dedication to all fitness levels & priorities, we offer over 180 at-home workout videos from beginner to advanced including rehab, yoga, pilates and more.

The best part? Minimal equipment is required.

Community > Compassion.

Share the joy of DTBA! Fitness journeys are personal and we understand the importance of a strong support system to reach your goals & find encouragement.

Our online forum is a support for you to ask questions, gain insight or meet like-minded fitness friends.