Unlock The Power Of Movement.

Unlock The Power Of Movement.

Combining fitness + rehab in a unique workout program so you can move confidently, train properly, and workout efficiently.

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We’re a collective of physical therapists on a mission to make fitness accessible and transformative.

Flexible Classes. Real Progress.

Train with our expert Physical Therapists for results you can feel—and see.

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Make Movement Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Train with our expert Physical Therapists for results you can feel—and see.

DTBA Benefits.

Customized Programming.
Customized Programming.

Weekly-to-monthly programming categorized by beginner and advanced tracks.

Minimal Equipment Workouts.
Minimal Equipment Workouts.

Workouts made to fit your everyday lifestyle with little to no equipment, whether at home or on the go.

Classes + Rehab Videos.
Classes + Rehab Videos.

Educational classes backed by science with topics ranging from injury rehabilitation, posture improvement and thorough exercise demonstrations.

Exclusive Live Streams.
Exclusive Live Streams.

Join bi-monthly live classes hosted by our DTBA coaches - Starting Soon!

Meet The Founder.

Dr. LA Thoma Gustin

Dr. LA Thoma, founder of DTBA, is a Physical Therapist and personal trainer who strives to change the culture of fitness through her unique workout method: Dare to Be Active.

Her philosophy emphasizes the importance of science-backed movement with a relatable approach to fitness, injury prevention & rehab to inspire others through confidence, community and inner strength. 

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The Reviews Are In.

"I didn't realize how valuable it was to follow trainers with PT certs until I started your program. It has really helped me with my form and injury prevention! Thank you!"

- Lauren H.

"The workouts and programming in this app are things I've been looking for for years. It's physical therapy meets personal training and I truly don't have enough good things to say!"

- Christina R.

"As someone who really enjoys movement but has been continually hampered by injuries, this app is helping me become more in shape and teaching me so much about my body and how to move correctly."

- JTKepRun

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your inclusivity for all fitness levels. I never feel bad for having to make a modification. It makes me feel more motivated."

- Julie S.

"In the last 2 weeks I'm doing so many workouts and I'm already seeing some changes! I'm so happy!! I will never pay for a coach ever again. This is the best app!!"

- Anya S.

"L.A. breaks down every form and even provides three levels to choose from based on your body and experience. I am still recovering from lasting effects from two births and I need the modifications."

- Ashlie K.

"I have been using dare to be active for about a year now and LA's workouts are the only workouts that I enjoy. her workouts are so simple and she explains everything so clearly so it's easy to understand!"

- Kyleigh M.